Five Minutes with Children’s Author Carmen Oliver

Carmen Oliver is a published children’s book author located in Austin. She currently has six, soon to be seven, children’s books in stores. She is also the founder of which brings award-winning children’s book authors, like herself, to schools, libraries, and conferences. We recently talked to her about the inspirations for her books. Did you grow up around books? I had a lot of storytellers in my life. My grandmother was probably my biggest, and my mom, but my grandmother – we had a really sp

Animal hospitals are understaffed amid a local high pet population

At the SPCA there’s an adopted sign hanging on the crate of a white and gray dog named Matt. The seven-year-old arrived on July 25 and is already set to be adopted, along with two-month-old brown tiger kitten Parsley. Yet Parsley’s orange companion and roommate, another two-month-old kitten Peppermint, has not been adopted. While there has consistently been a shortage of vets, the problem increased due to the pandemic, when there was a surge in pet adoptions. The Central New York Cat Coalition

BBQuest is Back for Season Three: “Beyond the Pit”

If you like brisket plates, brisket sandwiches, or even brisket burnt end steamed buns, stay tuned as is back for season three. The popular video series is now streaming on The founder of Hardcore Carnivore Jess Pryles is co-hosting the season with Kelsey Pribilski. From touring cattle ranches that make Texas barbecue possible to trying beloved restaurants across the state, the pair will be exploring new flavors and meeting the people and places ‘beyond the pit.’ The two dive into pitrooms aro

Rise N Shine owner plans new Italian restaurant, talks expanding current businesses

When she was just 14 years old, Danielle Mercuri began working in the restaurant industry. And after working a desk job for a few years, she realized she was not made to sit at a desk. When she found herself unemployed with three children to raise, Mercuri decided to waitress at Rise N Shine. Now, eight years later, she owns the popular brunch spot, as well as Loded, an unorthodox burger shop. She’s also partnering with local entrepreneur Adam Weitsman to create an Italian restaurant located in

Major cat overpopulation in central New York overwhelms Syracuse shelters

Get the latest Syracuse news delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe to our newsletter here. Many of the tags noting arrival dates of the cats at the Central New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are fastened to filled enclosures, and often dated within the week. In Syracuse and throughout upstate New York, the cat overpopulation is overwhelming shelters and exhausting resources. “There just aren’t enough of us,” Dee Schaefer, an administrative assistant at the CNY SPCA

Compassion: Share Birthday, Sponsor a Child

More than 8 million children living in poverty receive sponsorship from benefactors throughout their childhood. These relationships develop through donations, letters and sometimes visits and volunteering. Once these relationships occur, they often make an insurmountable impact on the child and last a lifetime. One of the ways to build a relationship with and sponsor a child in need across the world is through the organization Compassion. Compassion is a religion-based organization that aims to

5 Fairtrade Products You Should Switch to Right Now - Fairtrade Products

Fairtrade products are certain items that consumers can buy that comes with a certified seal. This seal ensures that the product was manufactured under quality working conditions, a safe environment and protected human rights. In 2017, 50% of the global population didn’t grow in wealth while the top 1% doubled their wealth. Fairtrade products are a way to ensure that money doesn’t go entirely to corporations and workers can make a liveable wage off of their work. Fairtrade products are often onl

David Beckham and UNICEF Soccer Aid 2021

UNICEF has been fundraising with a yearly soccer match since 2006 called Soccer Aid. It has managed to raise approximately £36 million since it began. Money goes toward UNICEF projects that focus on COVID relief, food, clean water, protection against violence, exploitation and abuse. UNICEF is currently working on many projects globally, but all of them focus on children. The organization works in more than 190 countries, and its main goal is to give every child a fair chance. It mainly focuses

5 Ways Renewable Energy in Spain Reduces Poverty

In 2018, Spain announced its goals of deriving 75% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030, and by 2050, increasing this renewable energy reliance to 100%. Within two years, Spain rethought its entire energy consumption pattern and transitioned to generating 43.6% of its energy renewably by 2020. Along with producing more sustainable and efficient energy, renewable energy in Spain also helps reduce poverty throughout the country. • Providing Clean Energy Jobs. In 2018, Spain mad

Empowering Inventions to Help Impoverished Women

Across the globe, poverty comes in different forms. Over the years, individuals and companies have developed products to help those in poverty. Since poverty disproportionately impacts women, several companies are inventing products that address the specific tribulations of women. Flo, Hemafuse, Embrace and fashionable iodine dots are inventions that aim to help impoverished women across the globe. • Flo: The Reusable Menstrual Kit. Flo is an inexpensive, reusable menstrual kit designed by Marik

How the Sports Bra Project Decreases Poverty

In many countries, sports bras are often overlooked as a basic necessity and are deemed a luxury. Sports bras are either hard to come by or oftentimes put at the end of the list when it comes to expenses. Due to the inaccessibility and high expense of sports bras, Sarah Dwyer-Shick created the Sports Bra Project. The Sports Bra Project recognizes that a lack of sports bras presents a barrier to female participation in sports, limiting opportunities for inclusion. With more women engaged in sport

CNY ‘foodies’ set new date to build world’s largest charcuterie board, planned to span 315 feet

A group of Central New York foodies have rescheduled their plan to create the world’s largest charcuterie board, which was put on hold in 2020 due to pandemic restrictions. The 315-foot-long platter of meats, cheeses and other finger foods will be unveiled on Sept. 26 at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Little Falls. That’s more than twice as long as the current record, which was set in September 2019 in Chicago, Ill., according to the Guinness Book of World Records. That charcuterie board was spons

Playoff season is in full swing

As the semester begins to wind down, spring sports are just getting started in their playoff season. Although this semester has looked different, sports teams are beginning to get back to normal with their first playoff season in over a year. Men’s Lacrosse played this Saturday in their first playoff game. They pulled out a win against Franklin Pierce with the score of 15-5. They will play Adelphi at home this Wednesday at 1pm for the quarterfinals. Women’s Lacrosse had a bye this Saturday for

Taste of fame: Cook asparagus risotto with celebrity Chef Lidia Bastianich during virtual cooking class

Chef Lidia Bastianich won’t be alone as she prepares her famous springtime asparagus risotto with shrimp next month. The celebrity chef is headlining WCNY’s Taste of Fame on a live Zoom event on May 21, allowing guests to cook alongside her with ingredients delivered by Sunbasket. Bastianich, the Emmy award-winning host of “Lidia’s Kitchen” on public television, will also host WCNY’s in-person dinner on Oct. 15 at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Bastianich said she initially wanted to be a pe

Grieving together: A student death at Le Moyne College sparks a conversation about mental health

The death of a Le Moyne College student this week has ignited a campus-wide conversation about mental health and prompted changes in how administrators are approaching the social and emotional difficulties of pandemic life. On Sunday, Cory Gallinger, 20, was found dead in his dorm room, college officials announced in an email to students that day. The third-year student from the Hudson Valley community of Salt Point was pursuing a degree in management, leadership and marketing. At Le Moyne, Ga

International cafe taking over former Village Burger restaurant in Liverpool

A community cafe known for a global menu of Peruvian, Italian and American dishes is making a move to continue its mission of giving back to families in Central New York and around the world. Hope Cafe and Tea House, currently located on Vine Street across from The Retreat in the village of Liverpool, is moving to space formerly occupied by Village Burger on Old Liverpool Road. They hope to open the new location on May 1. Hope Cafe had to call off their move to downtown Syracuse last year due
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